Kirisuto Kyo Minsyuto

Founded in 1910.
The oldest political party in Japan.
I. Introduction The Christian Democratic Party of Japan is the oldest, organized political party in Japan, a part of the worldwide network of Christian Democratic Parties in 54 countries worldwide. 
Japan is home to 8 million Christians or 6.1 percent of the population according to the Gallup Poll.
Six Prime Ministers have been Christians and a weekly Prayer Meeting in conjunction with other in Parliament worldwide is ongoing. 
The Christian Democratic Party of Japan is the only political party in Japan that has a worldwide network and is able to leverage this to support Japan. 
II. Activities
The Christian Democratic Party of Japan sponsors a weekly Prayer Meeting, a daily Prayer bulletin sent out worldwide and support efforts on behalf of the 8 million Christians in Japan and efforts in accordance with the Bible.
III. Policy
The Christian Democratic Party of Japan subscribes to the Lausanne Statement of Faith and requires all members to do the same.
With six Christian Prime Ministers, dozens of Christian members of Parliament and a history of being at the forefront of all major social movements in Japan the Christian Democratic Party of Japan stands firmly for the biblical principles of the Ten Commandments centers around support for the family, the needy, religious and press freedom, the biblical principles of peace, the rule of law an
The Christians of Japan have built nearly all the historic private schools, hospitals, various institutions and have been on forefront of civil society in Japan.
III Membership
The Christian Democratic Party is open to anyone who agrees with the basic principles of the part and is working to have the 8 million Christians of Japan as well as an equivalent of concerned citizens join.


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